Acid Mines is a public survival Minecraft server which started in February 2011. The server is hosted in Sydney and run mostly by Australians, but people from all over are welcome.

Our custom ranking system allows players to earn new commands and permissions just from playing the game. You can even earn the ability to use /fly without needing to donate.

More features include:

9 skills to level up with an XP system inspired by RuneScape
Protect your own zones and lock your chests
More than 100 different types of fish found in different biomes
SkyBlock plugin created just for our server
Trading Cards! Thousands to collect and trade
Resource pack with custom building blocks

We have 5 rules to follow on the server:
• Do Not Grief
• Do Not Steal
• Chat Responsibly
• Have Respect
• No Mods/Hacks

Server updates and news will be posted on our Discord