Command: /CL

Chests are automatically locked when placed.

Almost anything with an inventory can be locked.
Chests, Shulker Boxes, Furnaces etc. Also doors.

/CL auto – Disable auto-lock
/CL del – Delete a lock

/CL private – Create a private lock (this is default)
/CL public – Create a public lock (anybody can open, but you own the chest)
/CL key – Create a key lock (the item you hold becomes the key)
The key can be named and enchanted to be unique and harder to copy.
/CL pass [password] – Create a password lock (share the pass with friends)
/CL unlock [password] – Unlock a password lock

/CL info – Check information about a lock
/CL add [player] – Allow a player to access your lock
/CL rem [player] – Remove a player from your lock

/CL persist – Keeps other commands enabled.
You don’t need to type the command every time to add a friend to all of your chests. Use persist and the command will stay on so you can hit all of your chests. Use persist again to turn it off.

/CL v – Open your virtual chest. Safe on death. Size increases with rank.