No more hassles of running a store and setting up in the right place and hoping people find you. Now you can shop online!

/shop – Open the online shop

Shop Online  OrTI9r1

When you first open the shop you will see an inventory with a few different things. 
Top left shows your current balance. 
Bottom left is an emerald which will let you sell all emeralds and emerald blocks in your inventory.
There are 2 buttons for Your Items and Sell Item which will do nothing right now.
There is a Browse button which will let you browse through every available item, or you can click on a letter to search for items starting with that letter.

While you are browsing items there are arrows to move back and forward through the pages.

Left clicking an item will buy 1, Right clicking will buy a stack.

Most of the prices are calculated from the materials needed to create the item, and I mostly made up the price of the base materials.

The server prices are meant to be high, players will be able to offer better prices when selling is implemented.

Player Shops

To add an item to your shop:
Hold it and type /sell (price)
If you do not specify a price:
 -If you already have that item in your shop, it will use the existing price, otherwise:
 -If the item exists in the server shop, it will copy the server price.
Otherwise, you will need to specify a price.

Once your shop has an item, you can give your shop a name using /sell name (name)

Browse player shops:
Type /shop
Click on Player Shops at the bottom. This will show the heads of everyone who has an online shop. You can use the arrows to cycle through pages.
Click on a head to open the shop and view the items. 
Left clicking items will buy 1, right click will buy a stack (or what is available)
The price is shown in green when hovering over the item, and the available amount is shown in grey.

You can jump straight to a specific player shop using /shop (player)

The amount you can add to your shop depends on your rank.
Rank 0 cannot have an online shop.
Rank 2 can have 1 page (27 items).
Rank 8 can have 2 pages (54 items).
Rank 14 can have 3 pages (81 items).
Rank 18 can have 4 pages (108 items).
Rank 30 can have unlimited pages.
These are for unique items. You can sell up to 30k of each item in your shop.