Command /Skills

/Skills all – View all your skills
/Skills time – View your time played
/Skills top [skill] – View the skill hiscores
/Skills top time – View the players with the most time
/Skills [skill] – View your xp for a specific skill

All skills start at level 1.
“Max level” is 100.
It is actually possible to level up to 150, but anything over 100 is just for prestige.
XP per level is inspired by RuneScape. Every 7 levels is double the total XP. (Example: Level 57 is twice as much XP as level 50. Level 92 is half way to 99)
Level 100 is just over 14 million XP. Level 150 is 2.1 billion!

All skills have a reward for reaching level 100.
There is also a bonus for reach level 105 – A trail effect of the skill colour


Mining is the most basic of skills. Trained by mining stone and hard blocks with a pickaxe.

Level 100 Reward: Pickaxes will never break


Woodcutting is trained by cutting wood blocks using an axe.

Level 100 Reward: Axes will never break


Fishing is trained by catching fish using a rod.

Level 100 Reward: Fishing rods will never break


Farming is trained by harvesting crops. Wheat, beetroot, potato, carrot, pumpkins, melons, etc.

Level 100 Reward: Spades will never break. Hoes will never break.


Combat is earned by killing mobs. Monsters give more XP than animals.

Level 100 Reward: Swords will never break


Main article: Slayer
Slayer is trained by killing assigned mobs. See the slayer page for details.

Level 100 Reward: Pickaxes will never break


Main article: Agility
Agility is trained by completing laps of agility courses.

Level 100 Reward: /run to move faster


Main article: Infusion
Infusion is all about using emeralds to gain bonus XP and to repair damaged tools and armour.

Level 100 Reward: Double XP by using Infusion. Cheaper repairs.


Main article: Brewing
Brewing is about making potions without a brewing stand. Use the ingredients together right in your inventory.

Level 100 Reward: The potions you can make.