SkyBlock Guide

This is a full, in-depth guide to completing the Acid Mines Sky Block challenge. It may contain spoilers for those who wish to discover and figure out secrets on their own. If you do not wish to be spoiled, try using the Goals and Tips sections as guidance if you are stuck.

The guide will only instruct you on how to progress through the challenge. If you need to take time to build, craft, kill, etc. do so as you please.

Starting Out

When you spawn on your sky block island you will only have some dirt and a tree. The first thing is generally the same as starting in a normal new world; cut down a tree to gather wood.

If your sky block is in a snowy biome it may cause a problem later. It’s a good idea to use /sky biome plains right at the start. Remember if you mess up you can reset your entire sky block using /sky reset.

When you cut down the tree, make sure you collect saplings from the leaves. You can either wait for the leaves to decay or break them yourself, either way make sure you get at least one sapling so that you can regrow the tree.

Use some wood to build a larger platform to stand on and so that saplings don’t drop out of the world. You can also dig up some of the dirt and flatten it out to create more areas to plant trees, if you do this however, it is a good idea to keep at least one block of grass to spread grass to other blocks. Grass is obtainable later, but it’s a good idea to keep some anyway.

Obtaining Water

Once you feel safe on your platform, craft a Crafting Table and make a chest. When you open the chest (not a double chest) it will contain a block of ice. Find a safe hole to put your ice in, make sure there is a block underneath the ice, and break it to create water. If you are in a snowy biome, the water will freeze again unless there is a block somewhere above it.

Shulker Box and Cactus

Look around and near the edge of the border you will see a cactus growing on some sand. Build a bridge over to it and take the cactus. Make sure to break the bottom block of the cactus and don’t let it fall out of the world. Replant one or two blocks of cactus to grow more and take one block with you. On the outside of the sand you will find a white shulker box. Open the shulker box and collect the items, then use the stone pickaxe from the chest to break the shulker box. You may notice that the pattern of cobblestone inside the shulker box is a hint to craft a furnace; use the cobblestone to craft a furnace.

Green Shulker Box and Lava

Cook a block of cactus in your furnace to create green dye. Make sure your shulker box is empty and craft the green dye together with the white shulker box to make a green shulker box. Open it up to get a bucket of lava. The green shulker box also contains a dark oak sapling, you cannot plant it until you have 4 saplings.

The Stone Age

Cobblestone Generator

When water and lava flow to the same spot they create cobblestone. Follow a guide or use your own skills to create a cobblestone generator. Remember that wood catches on fire, and do not let water touch the lava source block (that will make obsidian), and do not let lava touch the water source block (you need your water). When you are done, you should be able to safely mine as much cobblestone as you want and use it to create cobblestone tools.


Going Up

Now that you have infinite cobblestone and plenty of wood from trees, it’s time to build up. If you look straight up you should see a floating island far above you. Grab your empty bucket, take plenty of blocks, about 4+ stacks of cobblestone is a safe amount, and start building up. When you reach the top you will find some water and sugar cane. If the water has frozen you might not have any sugar cane. The sugar cane is not vital to your progress in any way. To get back down you can either mine the blocks you used to get up, flow the water down and swim (make sure to take the water with you though), or simply use /sky tp to teleport back to the spawn block.

Now that you have 2 sources of water you can create infinite water. Create a 2×2 hole and place your water in two opposite corners and the other corners should fill up.

Going Down

If you look down you might be able to notice a couple of things near the bottom of the world. Going down is slightly more difficult than going up. You cannot simply build downwards. You can flow water down and ride it to the bottom, but you will need something to build against. You can try to flow the water over the top of the stone structure at the bottom, but that is not recommended. What you should do is let lava flow all the way down, after it has reached the bottom pick up your lava and place it somewhere safe, then quickly flow water down at the same place as the flowing lava. This will create a cobblestone pillar all the way down. You can then ride the water down and build a platform at the bottom.

There are 2 things to retrieve from the bottom. One one side there is a piece of jungle wood with cocoa beans on it, collect the wood and beans. On the other side is a stone structure with lapis lazuli inside. Silverfish will spawn out of the stone when you break it so be careful. Collect the lapis lazuli and then swim back up (or teleport).

More Shulker Boxes

Brown and Blue

Place your jungle wood somewhere and plant cocoa beans on it to grow more. Craft some cocoa beans with the shulker box to create a brown box and collect the loot from it. It will contain a block of iron and a block of redstone. Do not use these blocks for crafting, they will be used to obtain more resources.

Craft some lapis lazuli with the shulker box to create a blue box and collect the loot from it. Another block of lava!


Craft the lapis with cactus green to create cyan dye. Create a cyan shulker box and collect the loot from it. Extra grass blocks in case you didn’t spread any.


If you haven’t encountered any skeletons yet, now is the time. Craft yourself a sword and build a platform for mobs to spawn on. It’s a good idea to build a platform at the very bottom of the world; it’s dark down there, the mobs will be far away from you and you won’t fall out of the world. However you do it, kill some skeletons for their bones and make some bonemeal.

Light Blue and Lime

Craft the bonemeal together with the lapis and with the cactus green to create light blue dye and lime dye. Use those to dye the shulker box and collect the loot.

The light blue box will have your 4th dark oak sapling which you can now grow for some new wood. Most importantly, it has some squid spawners.

The lime box has some useful items that help if you’ve lost anything, and also an end portal frame which is very important to keep safe.


Black dye comes from squid. Luckily you have some squid spawn eggs. If you want to take the time to build a large pool of water for the squid to swim around in, you can, but a squid does need to die. Collect some black ink and make a black shulker box, collect the loot from it. It contains a few useful items and a wolf buddy, none are vital to your progress.

Grey and Light Grey

Craft some black and white to make grey. Make the new shulker box and collect a new bucket of lava and a fishing rod. Grey and white make light grey, but the light grey box doesn’t contain any loot, it might in the future.

Flowers and every other colour

Make an area of grass, at least 4×4 is recommended. Use bonemeal on the grass to grow some flowers. You will need 4 red and 2 yellow flowers. If you do not get them, clear the grass and try again.

Craft the flowers into dye and now you can make the shulker box red and yellow. Both of these colours will contain some useful items, none vital to your progress. The horse armour can be smelted into gold.

Combine red and yellow to create orange. The orange box contains blaze powder which will be useful later.

Combine red and lapis to make purple. Combine red and bonemeal to make pink.

Combine purple and pink to make magenta. Collect the loot from every shulker box.

Collecting Resources

When you obtained the iron and redstone blocks you were told not to use them in crafting. Now it is time to use them to collect more resources.

Go to your cobblestone generator and place the iron block underneath the cobblestone. Now whenever the cobblestone is created, there is a chance it will be iron ore. Mine enough iron to make some iron tools, most importantly an iron pickaxe.

Do the same with the redstone block, place it underneath the cobblestone and then you have a chance to get redstone ore. Mine some redstone ore with your iron pickaxe.

When you have a nice amount of redstone and iron, it’s a good idea to advance your cobblestone generator to include a piston. Look up a guide or use your own skills to do this. Having a piston push the cobblestone away from lava will make it easier to mine and not have it burn up.

Trapped Chest

Use your new resources to craft a trapped chest and open it up for some more loot.


Now it’s time to grind for some diamonds. To obtain diamonds, you need to dig gravel using a gold spade.

Keep one gold block for your generator to create more gold in case you run low.

To get gravel, craft a gold pickaxe and mine some cobblestone with it. Then place down the gravel and dig it up with a gold spade. Doing this will get you iron and gold nuggets, coal, and diamonds. It may take some time but eventually you will get enough to craft a diamond block, place it in your generator and start making diamond ore. Do this until you can craft a diamond pickaxe.

Nether Portal

Now that you have a diamond pickaxe, it’s time to sacrifice one of your lava sources. Make water flow onto a lava source to create obsidian, then mine up the obsidian with your diamond pickaxe.

Place the obsidian in your cobblestone generator and it will then be able to make more obsidian. If you have included a piston in your build, it will unfortunately not be able to push the obsidian. I recommend building an extra, temporary generator somewhere else to obtain obsidian. Mine at least 18 blocks of obsidian (and keep your first block to generate more if needed).

Put 8 of those blocks away and use the other 10 to create a nether portal.

Ender Chest

Time to collect your final loot. Craft 8 buckets and grab a few stacks of cobblestone, then enter the nether. When you enter the nether you will be surrounded by lava. If you need to leave the nether, use the /sky tp command to teleport out.

Build straight up and when you reach the top, use your buckets to pick up all of the lava. You should then mine all of the cobblestone back down and make sure the bedrock block which you spawn on is not obstructed so that you do not die when entering the nether.

Create a platform for Endermen to spawn on. Kill them and collect at least 13 ender pearls. Craft your ender pearls with the blaze powder to make eye of ender. Use one of them to craft an ender chest and open it to collect your loot. The ender chest will contain a few useful items, some extra shulker boxes which have items in them, and most importantly it has a nether star.

Beacon Generator

Use your new shiny nether star to craft a beacon. Place the beacon in your cobblestone generator and you will now be generating all kinds of ore and blocks, including coal, iron, redstone, lapis, gold, diamond, emerald, glowstone, nether quartz, netherrack, mossy cobblestone and end stone.

Use this to grind your way to having 1000 emeralds.

The End Portal

Craft an anvil and prepare for some infusion. Turn your 1000 emeralds into emerald blocks to make it easier. Craft yourself a gold pickaxe and infuse it with 1000 emeralds. To do this, place the gold pickaxe in the 2nd slot of the anvil, then place the emeralds in the 1st slot. Shift clicking does not work, and the emeralds must be placed last. If no result shows up, pick up the emeralds and place them again. Hovering over the result pickaxe will show you the total amount of emeralds infused into it.

When your gold pickaxe is infused with 1000 emeralds, it will have the power to break end portal frames. Go to the nether and collect all of the frames. There is one at the top near the bedrock, and 9 below. Collect them all and you should have 12 in total.

Create an end portal. The direction you face is important when placing the frames. Stand in the center of the portal and spin around to place them without moving, creating a 3×3 space in the middle. Use your 12 eye of ender to complete the portal and then enter.

The Final Prize

When you enter the end portal, you will be above the bedrock where the nether portal put you below. There will be some diamond blocks which you can mine to obtain some mob heads. You can place these heads on the ground and break them to obtain some new items, this can be done as much as you like.

Look up and you will see a single block of netherrack. Build up and on top you will find a brown mushroom, your final prize.

You can use the brown mushroom to spawn animals. When the mushroom spreads, it has a chance to spawn an animal. Certain animals can only spawn in certain biomes.

The rest is up to you. Build your sky block up and make it awesome.