SkyBlock MoGw2d5

Acid Mines SkyBlock is a unique experience created for the server.

Command: /Sky

Everybody gets their own space in the sky world to play their own sky block game.
Inventories are separated for each sky block; items cannot be transferred to/from other sky blocks or the rest of the server.
You can join a friend’s sky block and play together without progressing/disrupting your own sky block.

To make certain items obtainable, there are some unique ways to play in the sky block. Refer to the below image.

How to play: [Click to view image]

The most important thing for progression is to collect different coloured shulker boxes to find new items.
Losing certain items early on could mean that you are unable to progress and you will have failed.

  • /sky – View commands
  • /sky tp – Teleport to your sky block
  • /sky visit [player] – Visit another sky block
  • /sky biome [biome] – Change the biome of your sky block
    • Use /sky biome list to view the possible biomes
  • /sky inviteOnly – Toggle invite only for your sky block
    • If you allow a player to your zone (/g) they won’t need an invite
  • /sky invite [player] – Invite a player to your sky block
  • /sky reset – Reset your sky block (once per 10 minutes)


  • Every colour of shulker box contains new items. Make sure the box is empty when you dye it.
  • You can instantly grow an oak tree by crouching and right clicking on the sapling. It will hurt though.
  • Dying will make you slow and give you mining fatigue.
  • You can create clay by placing gravel in water.
  • When you die, a grave marker of your head will be placed. Breaking the head will return your items.
  • Using a gold pickaxe to break blocks will produce new blocks
    • Cobblestone -> Gravel
    • Sandstone -> 6x Sand (craft 4 into sandstone to farm more)
    • Stone -> Andesite -> Diorite -> Granite
  • Using a gold spade to break blocks will produce new blocks
    • Grass -> Podzol -> Mycelium
    • Sand -> Red Sand -> Sand
    • Gravel -> Iron nuggets, gold nuggets, coal and diamond
  • Using a gold sword to break leaves will give you iron nuggets, gold nuggets, coal and dirt
  • Placing blocks underneath your cobblestone generator (right below where the cobble spawns) will produce new blocks:
    • Block of coal -> Coal ore
    • Block of iron -> Iron ore
    • Block of gold -> Gold ore
    • Block of redstone -> Redstone ore
    • Block of diamond -> Diamond ore
    • Block of emerald -> Emerald ore
    • Obsidian -> Obsidian, Wet sponge
    • Block of Quartz -> Quartz ore
    • Nether bricks -> Netherrack
    • Beacon -> All of the above
  • Place sponge on top of a beacon and break the sponge with a gold pickaxe to obtain another nether star.
  • Spreading brown mushrooms can spawn animals. Cow, Pig, Chicken, Rabbit, Bat, Squid, Sheep and Villagers can spawn anywhere. Other mobs can only spawn in certain biomes.
    • Mushroom Cow in Mushroom_Fields
    • Wolf in Forest
    • Llama in Snowy_Taiga_Hills
    • Polar Bear in Ice_Spikes
    • Snowman in Snowy_Mountains
    • Horse and Donkey in Plains
    • Ocelot and Parrot in Jungle

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